This blogger is more than your typical 6’ tall, bespectacled, corduroy-wearing, purple-haired historical archaeologist. She is actually a method writer which spends more time in the minds of her characters than she does in her own, a fact which is good for characterisation but quite bad for her ability to remember what she did yesterday, this morning, or what she will be doing tomorrow. She writes mainly about things of which she has experience: complicated sexualities, mental breakdown, socialism, the trials of gender-restricted behaviour, class struggles, the dynamics of small communities, music, dreams vs. reality, folk legends, academia, and people being…well, people. Her writing motto is, ‘Draw your audience in with humour, and then break their hearts.’

Currently she is writing, working in a classical music shop, singing in the parish church choir, listening to jazz and early 20th century English music, and playing piano and organ with the intention of getting some money out of music eventually. In between all of these she is technically studying for a PhD in historical archaeology. She believes that sleep is for wimps. She lives with two cats, two chickens and an ageing bicycle, and lives her life in thrall to the Oxford comma.


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